Spanish languages.conf update, configurable "Product" name

Achim achim+mailwatch at
Mon Oct 10 14:42:48 IST 2011

Hello list:

There are certain strings in the Spanish reports/es/languages.conf 
that are either not translated or translated wrongly (e.g. 
PostmasterName, where the current translation is the name of a 

This has has been reported a few times [0,1] and I just confirmed it 
with the latest MailScanner 4.84.3:

UnreadableArchive = El mensaje contiene un archivo adjunto comprimido 
que no se puede leer
PasswordedArchive = El mensaje contiene un archivo adjunto comprimido 
protegido con contraseña
NonPasswordedArchive = El mensaje contiene un archivo adjunto 
comprimido sin protección con contraseña
ArchiveTooDeep = El mensaje contiene un archivo adjunto demasiado 
skippedastoobig = no es spam (demasiado grande)
watermarked = con marca de agua
NoticeSizeInfected = El adjunto supera el tamaño máximo de archivo
PostmasterName = MailScanner
SATimedOut = tiempo agotado
DefiniteFraudStart = <font color="red"><b>MailScanner ha detectado un 
intento de fraude en la siguiente página web
DefiniteFraudEnd = . <i>No</i> confíe en esta página web:</b></font>
HTMLParserAttack = MailScanner ha sido víctima de una ataque de 
denegación de servicio, y por lo tanto ha borrado esta parte del 
mensaje. Por favor, contacte con su proveedor de correo electrónico 
para más información.
KilledMailScanner = El mensaje intentó parar a MailScanner

On that note, would it be possible to make the "product name" of 
MailScanner in the messages configurable with a variable like 
%org-name%? For instance:

Product = ShinyMailScanner
PostmasterName = %Product%
KilledMailScanner = Message attempted to kill %Product%
PossibleFraudStart = %Product% has detected a possible fraud attempt 

This would help users/warning recipients to better understand where 
the warning comes from: "MailScanner" is not necessarily a term they 
know. Replacing it with a more familiar term might users also to 
distinguish between "Mailscanner the software product" and "Mailscanner 
as the backend for a service". This is what happened for instance to 
RoundCube [2].

Thanks for your consideration, Achim

[2] See the section "Exchange logo by config": 
"And last but not least, one can now set a customized logo by config 
without the necessity to create a new skin. We'd like to encourage all 
hosting providers to set the 'skin_logo' config option with an URL to 
their logo. This will hopefully clarify to your users, what service 
they're actually using. We registered an increased amount of support 
requests from users who don't understand that Roundcube is not a public 
service but that they have to contact their ISP for help."

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