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Just a quick follow up as I have now integrated MailScanner with ZendTo. I am in the process of taking the latest versions of the two packages, applying my changes, and then producing diffs for Jules to review. The new options, if my changes are accepted, in MailScanner will be:

ZendTo Integration = %rules-dir%/
ZendTo URL =
ZendTo Access Key = 123456789ABCDEFGHI
ZendTo Min Message Size    = -1
ZendTo Min Attachment Size = -1
ZendTo Strip All           = yes

Hopefully they are all explanatory and I have attempted to make it as configurable as possible. If an email matches the message/attachment size criteria it is passed of to the ZendTo URL. That will verify the access key against the ZendTo configuration and if all okay it will accept the attachments for processing. If a drop-off ClaimID is created then that will be returned to MailScanner where an HTML in-line attachment will be added to the original message and all attachments process by ZendTo will be removed. The result will either be the following text appearing in-line or as a html attachment with the name <claimid>.html.

This first paragraph is an automatic message from our email system. The original attachments were too large to safely send via email. They have been removed to a separate server, and replaced with the attached link, from where the originals may be downloaded via your web browser.

This file will expire on 26 October 2011 12:09:54 PM.

The message is driven from a ZendTo template so easily configurable. If for any reason the message cannot be processed ie. files to big then an NDR will be sent back to the sender. Again that message is templated.
Thanks, Phil

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> It's possible, yes. But I don't have any immediate plans to do so,
> I'm
> afraid.
> I'm trying to keep ZendTo as simple as possible while doing what most
> people need it to.
> Jules.
> On 06/06/2011 16:29, --[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
> > Hi Jules,
> >
> > How possible do you think it would be to integrate the two
> > products? When a user sends an email, with an attachment,
> > MailScanner would replace it with a ZendTo link and remove the
> > attachment.
> Jules
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