Bunch of issues with installing MailScanner on Ubuntu LTS 10.04

Achim J. Latz achim+mailwatch at qustodium.net
Tue Aug 9 20:55:48 IST 2011

Hello Markus:

On 08/08/2011 16:43, Markus Nilsson wrote:
> There is one newer package for debian:
> http://lists.mailscanner.info/pipermail/mailscanner/2011-March/097689.html
> However, no-one has yet stepped in to maintain the debian packaging.

Andrew Colin Kissa (lead developer of Baruwa [0], a web 2.0 MailScanner 
front-end) is hosting more recent DEB versions in his repository [1], 
including the "taint" backports from Julian's latest beta, and then some 

Best regards, Achim

[0] <http://www.baruwa.org/>
[1] <http://apt.baruwa.org/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mailscanner/>
[2] <http://lists.baruwa.org/pipermail/baruwa/2011-August/001282.html>

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