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You may have compounded it by using RTF. Fortunately Julian's worked 
around it.

Devi S wrote:
> */Terry WONG/ Hankyu HKG <terry at>/* wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I'm using Mailscanner 4.40.11-1 on Redhat Linux 9. I often having
>     trouble on lost email messages. Usually the email will be send to
>     several users and CC several users too. I saw in the Mailwatch
>     showing the message were successfully deliver to those users.
>     However, some users complains they haven't got such message while
>     some of them have. I suspect this situation was caused by the
>     Mailscanner overloaded. Would anyone having the same problem could
>     give me some hints to solve this problem? Thanks!!
> Terry,
> The same whimsical problem I am also facing. Are! you using sendmail? 
> Are your users using Microsoft Outlook 2003?
> These are my findings but i have not solved the problem but avoided it,
>  1. Mail sent in HTML format from Microsoft outlook 2003 are the 
> candidate for these "missing mails"
> 2. If a mail is sent to three persons two will receive it one will not 
> receive it
> 3. I stopped MailScanner and tried sending the  mail, again the user 
> who didn't receive the mail still didn't receive it.
> 4. The message id of these mails are very lenghty.
> 5. If the users send the same mail in RTF format the mails reaches the 
> user without any issue
> 6. Not all mails sent in HTML format will get missed, meaning some 
> will reach SAFELY
> So I advised my user group not to use HTML format while sending mails 
> instead use RTF format. After this the situation is fairly under 
> control. No one has complained of missing mails. But I am su! re I 
> have not solved the problem but avoided it!
> *Regards*
> *Devi S.*
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