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Terry WONG/ Hankyu HKG <terry at> wrote:          Hello,
  I'm using Mailscanner 4.40.11-1 on Redhat Linux 9. I often having trouble on lost email messages. Usually the email will be send to several users and CC several users too. I saw in the Mailwatch showing the message were successfully deliver to those users. However, some users complains they haven't got such message while some of them have. I suspect this situation was caused by the Mailscanner overloaded. Would anyone having the same problem could give me some hints to solve this problem? Thanks!!
  The same whimsical problem I am also facing. Are you using sendmail? Are your users using Microsoft Outlook 2003?
  These are my findings but i have not solved the problem but avoided it,
   1. Mail sent in HTML format from Microsoft outlook 2003 are the candidate for these "missing mails"
  2. If a mail is sent to three persons two will receive it one will not receive it
  3. I stopped MailScanner and tried sending the  mail, again the user who didn't receive the mail still didn't receive it.
  4. The message id of these mails are very lenghty.
  5. If the users send the same mail in RTF format the mails reaches the user without any issue
  6. Not all mails sent in HTML format will get missed, meaning some will reach SAFELY
  So I advised my user group not to use HTML format while sending mails instead use RTF format. After this the situation is fairly under control. No one has complained of missing mails. But I am sure I have not solved the problem but avoided it!

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