SMgateway - thanks

Peter Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Mon Mar 7 02:12:29 GMT 2005

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I have it all setup and working, active directory auth doesnt work (but
i think i need to add some additional software before i try?) but imap
worked fine.

I can see that you can specify some basic settings per user. But would
like to be able to see all messages trapped for me, review and
delete/release etc? Maybe fit in with an email usage policy of keeping
the old stuff for 3 months, all users having access after that it is
cleaned... ?

Maybe a per user option to mark as spam and deliver or hold on the
server quarantine and let me wade through them later?

Also if you are going to have multiple admins, in the future would it be
possible for the 'master' admin to view a change log of all changes made
by all adnmins, or even all users? Kinda like ikonboard does?

Where i work i would have to let 4 guys have access and they would
certainly play with it and claim they did nothing, having a log as proof
would be advantagous :)

Over all its SUPER groovy! and i am guessing it will be the new standard
in AV gateways - some one will build an ISO-gateway distro for you and
then i guess world domination is only a few lines of perl code ? :) (can
you control WOMD with perl?)

I am going to install it in front on one of my gateways and set all
event to have no action, just logging to see if i can learn

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