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Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at FSL.COM
Mon Mar 7 02:23:09 GMT 2005

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> I have it all setup and working, active directory auth doesnt work (but
> i think i need to add some additional software before i try?) but imap
> worked fine.

Glad it's working.

> I can see that you can specify some basic settings per user. But would
> like to be able to see all messages trapped for me, review and
> delete/release etc? Maybe fit in with an email usage policy of keeping
> the old stuff for 3 months, all users having access after that it is
> cleaned... ?

Look at the filters you can add / save and load in MailWatch. They are very

> Maybe a per user option to mark as spam and deliver or hold on the
> server quarantine and let me wade through them later?

Interesting idea and we are always open to good ideas. This should be
possible with our next iteration of MailWatch.

> Also if you are going to have multiple admins, in the future would it be
> possible for the 'master' admin to view a change log of all changes made
> by all adnmins, or even all users? Kinda like ikonboard does?

Great idea - Adding MailWatch users and audit reports has already been
implemented on our test systems.

> Where i work i would have to let 4 guys have access and they would
> certainly play with it and claim they did nothing, having a log as proof
> would be advantagous :)

Done and will be in the updates.

> Over all its SUPER groovy! and i am guessing it will be the new standard
> in AV gateways - some one will build an ISO-gateway distro for you and
> then i guess world domination is only a few lines of perl code ? :) (can
> you control WOMD with perl?)

Thanks. Julian rules :)

> I am going to install it in front on one of my gateways and set all
> event to have no action, just logging to see if i can learn

Good idea and let us know how we can help.

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Fortress Systems Ltd.
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