RFC: CRM114 intergration something that some would use?

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Sun Mar 6 22:24:49 GMT 2005

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Felix Schwarz wrote:
| Hi all,
| David H. wrote:
|>Finally I think I have found a way to contribute back to the MailScanner
|>community. I believe that bayes does a reasonable job, but looking at recent
|>writing and http://crm114.sourceforge.net/ I do feel that it would be a good
|>enhancement to MailScanner.
|>I consider this a serious project, based on your input I would either
|>implement it only for my systems or try to come up with a solution and
|>contribute the patches.
| I would be very interested in the possibility using other spam filters
| besides SpamAssin with MailScanner. CRM114 integration would be nice
| thing if it could lead to a general spam filter interface - ideally
| with some plugin functionality.
| And CRM114 seems to be a good choice for using it within MailScanner.
| One thing is that Bayes filters are working best if they are trained
| by their users so you should consider adding some get-the-username
| layer which may cause some problems as mailscanner sees no real users
| but only email addresses.
| Therefore a mapping for email -> user name (for resolving aliases etc)
| would be nice. This could be separated from the spam filter.
This is something I am trying to avoid. I do not think that it makes sense to
build such a plugin infrastructure. CRM114 is a unique spam battling technique
(turing complete token discrimenator) which is not used by Spamassassin as a
technique to find spam. That is why I am interested in such functionality.

| I would be interested in helping with developing a CRM114 plugin for
| MailScanner as it may help (me/others) writing a DSPAM plugin. :-)
As I said. I would not go into that direction. I see no benefits in using
DSPAM over Spamassassin or vice versa. I would simply like to see CRM114
support directly in MailScanner. However, I am glad that you are interested in
it. Maybe we could sync ideas?

- -d
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