Installing Mailscanner 5.4.5 on Almalinux 8 or 9

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Tue Dec 12 14:07:18 UTC 2023

I installed Mailscanner 5.4.5 from rpm on a RockyLinux 9.2 with no issues:





gpg --verify MailScanner-5.4.5-3.rhel.noarch.rpm.sig


yum install perl (this is needed for my RockyLinux 9.2 install)


rpm -Uvvh MailScanner-5.4.5-3.rhel.noarch.rpm





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Subject: Installing Mailscanner 5.4.5 on Almalinux 8 or 9




When I do an install of Mailscanner 5.4.5 on a new Almalinux installation,
it always hangs when installing Spamassassin 4:


Building and testing Mail-SpamAssassin-4.000000 ...


And then just times out.   


What do I need to do to install Mailscanner 5.4.5 ?


Many thanks !

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