"Spam Actions" setting containing attachment and deliver not encapsulating message

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at summitgrid.com
Tue Aug 23 20:22:21 UTC 2022

That doesn't seem desirable. This should be reproduceable,  so give me 
some time to lab this up and see what I can find out. It wouldn't be the 
first time we've found interesting things lurking in the perl mines.

On 8/23/22 14:34, Ricky Boone wrote:
> *Warning: This message originated from outside the organization. Use 
> caution when following links or opening attachments.*
> I'm troubleshooting an issue with a setting change we're trying to 
> test in our environment to provide users with notifications that a 
> message was flagged as spam, and why, as well as to attach the 
> original message to that notification.
> Based on the configuration docs and previous conversations, this 
> should be handled by including 'attachment' in the Spam Actions 
> setting (though some references note 'attachment' along with 
> 'deliver').  What I'm seeing, however, is that it is not behaving as 
> described.  When the rule only includes 'attachment', no message is 
> fully delivered.  When it includes 'attachment' and 'deliver' 
> (regardless of order, understanding that it shouldn't matter), I get 
> the message with the '{Spam?}' subject prefix, but otherwise not 
> encapsulated and not including a notification message.  When 
> attempting with 'attachment' and 'notify', I only get the 
> notification, and if 'attachment', 'deliver', and 'notify' are 
> included, I get both the non-encapsulated spam message and the 
> notification without an attachment.
> Prior to opening an issue in the GitHub project, I just want to be 
> sure I'm not doing something incorrectly.
> For reference, I'm currently running MailScanner 5.3.3 (aware that 
> there are newer versions, but none that appear to be relevant to 
> address this issue based on the changelog) on CentOS 7 with postfix as 
> the MTA, along with MailWatch 1.2.15.  Spam Actions points to a custom 
> rules file with a default (FromOrTo) action set to 'store notify 
> header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"', but I have a To email address for 
> testing with 'store attachment deliver header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"' 
> (though I've tried this without deliver, removing store and header, 
> with notify, etc.).
> The logs seem to reflect my settings, depending on what I've saved and 
> reloaded.  For example, if I have attachment and deliver set, I see 
> this in the logs:
> Aug 23 14:03:37 MailScanner[24433]: Delivery of spam: message 
> 0BD1220625B0.AB434 from [removed] to [removed] with subject Re: Test 
> message
> Aug 23 14:03:37 MailScanner[24433]: Spam Actions: message 
> 0BD1220625B0.AB434 actions are attachment,store,deliver,header
> Aug 23 14:03:39 MailScanner[24433]: Requeue: 0BD1220625B0.AB434 to 
> E965720625AA
> And if I have only attachment set:
> Aug 23 11:57:15 MailScanner[22466]: Non-delivery of spam: message 
> 8225F206258E.AB9CA from [removed] to [removed] with subject Test message
> Aug 23 11:57:15 MailScanner[22466]: Spam Actions: message 
> 8225F206258E.AB9CA actions are attachment,store,header
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