"Spam Actions" setting containing attachment and deliver not encapsulating message

Ricky Boone ricky.boone at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 18:34:51 UTC 2022

I'm troubleshooting an issue with a setting change we're trying to test in
our environment to provide users with notifications that a message was
flagged as spam, and why, as well as to attach the original message to that

Based on the configuration docs and previous conversations, this should be
handled by including 'attachment' in the Spam Actions setting (though some
references note 'attachment' along with 'deliver').  What I'm seeing,
however, is that it is not behaving as described.  When the rule only
includes 'attachment', no message is fully delivered.  When it includes
'attachment' and 'deliver' (regardless of order, understanding that it
shouldn't matter), I get the message with the '{Spam?}' subject prefix, but
otherwise not encapsulated and not including a notification message.  When
attempting with 'attachment' and 'notify', I only get the notification, and
if 'attachment', 'deliver', and 'notify' are included, I get both the
non-encapsulated spam message and the notification without an attachment.

Prior to opening an issue in the GitHub project, I just want to be sure I'm
not doing something incorrectly.

For reference, I'm currently running MailScanner 5.3.3 (aware that there
are newer versions, but none that appear to be relevant to address this
issue based on the changelog) on CentOS 7 with postfix as the MTA, along
with MailWatch 1.2.15.  Spam Actions points to a custom rules file with a
default (FromOrTo) action set to 'store notify header "X-Spam-Status:
Yes"', but I have a To email address for testing with 'store attachment
deliver header "X-Spam-Status: Yes"' (though I've tried this without
deliver, removing store and header, with notify, etc.).

The logs seem to reflect my settings, depending on what I've saved and
reloaded.  For example, if I have attachment and deliver set, I see this in
the logs:

Aug 23 14:03:37 MailScanner[24433]: Delivery of spam: message
0BD1220625B0.AB434 from [removed] to [removed] with subject Re: Test message
Aug 23 14:03:37 MailScanner[24433]: Spam Actions: message
0BD1220625B0.AB434 actions are attachment,store,deliver,header
Aug 23 14:03:39 MailScanner[24433]: Requeue: 0BD1220625B0.AB434 to

And if I have only attachment set:

Aug 23 11:57:15 MailScanner[22466]: Non-delivery of spam: message
8225F206258E.AB9CA from  [removed] to [removed] with subject Test message
Aug 23 11:57:15 MailScanner[22466]: Spam Actions: message
8225F206258E.AB9CA actions are attachment,store,header
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