MailScanner doesn't Disarm or change Subject or message body

Shawn Iverson shawniverson at
Wed Oct 13 15:01:57 UTC 2021

If the logs are indicating that something is happening with message 
alteration, but the message isn't getting altered, one of the first 
things I would check for is that the working directories for MailScanner 
are writable for the MailScanner user context.

On 10/13/21 10:27 AM, Nigel Kilner wrote:
> Hello,
> I have MailScanner 5.3.3 with Postfix & Clamav but mailscanner does 
> not  'disarm' emails with web bugs or 'sign messages' or 'add signatures'.
> Messages do contain mailscanner header info e.g spam scores, virus 
> scan info.
> mailscanner --lint shows no issues and there are no errors in logs.
> I have an external message rule to mark messages from outside our 
> network. mail logs show " /Message is external, prepending warning 
> for/ .." but the email body is not marked.
> I have checked mailscanner.conf for locations of rules, reports and 
> signatures but can find no mistakes.  My config worked on previous 
> server but after migrating and installing MS on the new server the 
> problems started. The only issue I had with installation was with 
> Mail::Clamav which will not build on my box ( inline-C error) however 
> clamav works and signs message on detection.
> I've been going around in circles to find the cause but I am stumped. 
> How best to troubleshoot this?
> Thank you
> Nigel Kilner
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