MailScanner doesn't Disarm or change Subject or message body

Nigel Kilner n.kilner at
Wed Oct 13 14:27:11 UTC 2021


I have MailScanner 5.3.3 with Postfix & Clamav but mailscanner does not  
'disarm' emails with web bugs or 'sign messages' or 'add signatures'.

Messages do contain mailscanner header info e.g spam scores, virus scan 

mailscanner --lint shows no issues and there are no errors in logs.

I have an external message rule to mark messages from outside our 
network. mail logs show " /Message is external, prepending warning for/ 
.." but the email body is not marked.

I have checked mailscanner.conf for locations of rules, reports and 
signatures but can find no mistakes.  My config worked on previous 
server but after migrating and installing MS on the new server the 
problems started. The only issue I had with installation was with 
Mail::Clamav which will not build on my box ( inline-C error) however 
clamav works and signs message on detection.

I've been going around in circles to find the cause but I am stumped. 
How best to troubleshoot this?

Thank you

Nigel Kilner

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