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Sun Aug 23 22:52:13 UTC 2020

Hello Mark,

Yes, you are right, the error is indeed coming from MySQL itself.  And the MailScanner logs are showing that the custom functions are being initialized, but nothing is getting written to the database.

I have been looking through the script and can barely understand the code, as I am a C and VB programmer, but will try as you suggest.  And yes, anything and everything that you guys suggest helps very much actually, as it leads me to places I probably wouldn't have found on my own.  I'll keep working on this and once I've figured it out, will share it, just so that others will know what caused it.

Much appreciated!

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On 8/23/20 2:25 PM, Paul Scott wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> Just an FYI, but the last activity on the MailWatch users list is 4-years ago, in 2016.

I don't use MailWatch and know very little about it, however, I think
the error 99 comes from MySQL. It is not a failure to connect to the
server, but rather a response from the server refusing the connection
for some reason.

If you look at the upgrade.php script and find the mysqli_connect call
and duplicate that in a small script that displays the error as in the
first example at
<>, does
that help?

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