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Peter Farrow peter.farrow at
Mon Jan 21 18:11:58 UTC 2019

Dear All,

Following the "HTML parser Died" I previously reported, resulting in a 
"denial of service attack" message replacing the email html content, I 
have one domain that this is a repeated persistent problem with this 
error, so much so I don't filter her emails at all.

It says in the MailScanner.conf file for the "tags" disarm settings that 
this can be the name of a ruleset.

I would like the following settings set to "yes" for a particular 
recipient domain:

Allow IFrame Tags = disarm
Allow Script Tags = disarm

Allow WebBugs = disarm
Allow Object Codebase Tags = disarm

Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = yes

I would like these settings to be all set to set to yes for a particular 
recipient domain (

I do apologise if there is somewhere  this is documented that I should 
have read but I cannot find any detail on how to name and construct such 
a rule...

If someone can be of assistance this would be greatly appreciated.


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