Sophos and TNEF

Kevin Miller kevin.miller at
Tue Sep 25 23:38:39 UTC 2018

I just installed the Sophos Antivirus for Linux and was wading through MailScanner.conf.  I noticed this section:
"Expand TNEF attachments using an external program (or a Perl module)?
 This should be "yes" unless the scanner you are using (Sophos, McAfee) has
 the facility built-in. However, if you set it to "no", then the filenames
 within the TNEF attachment will not be checked against the filename rules."

I set it to 
  Expand TNEF  = no

However I'm also using clamav which, AFAIK, doesn't have a built in TNEF expander.  So I'm wondering if I should set it to Yes instead so that clamAV can also scan the message.  I presume that Sophos will be able to scan it regardless of whether it's pre-expanded or not.  Is that a correct assumption?


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