Adding a Precedence Bulk header

Mark Sapiro mark at
Fri Sep 1 23:52:09 UTC 2017

On 09/01/2017 02:39 PM, Kevin Miller wrote:
> Once monthly we send out utility billing bills (water/sewer).  Is there a way that I can configure MailScanner to append a Precedence: Bulk header?  If so, can it be a ruleset so that it is only applied to messages from a specific internal host?
> If not, that would be a really handy future feature.  If there was a ruleset that had something like:
>   <Host>	<Header>	<Value>
> i.e.
>	Precedence			bulk
>	X-MyCustomHeader	"Your Header Here"

You can use Information Header
and Information Header Value
for this. Set both to rule sets and then the rule set for Information
Header will be something like

From	Precedence:
From	X-MyCustomHeader:

and for Information Header Value

From	bulk
From	"Your Header Here"

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