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Hello Antony,

Thank you very much for your reply.  I will have to get in front of the machine (which is 40-miles away, in a server room), in order to get your questions answered.

All of this, and many other difficulties, all started with the upgrade to version 5.x of MailScanner.

Working with the nice people on this list, and spending a good 25+ hours over a period of a few months, I was able to get back to a fairly good-working system, except for this restart issue.

I am going to update my entire mail server to the very latest CentOS version, and just start over eventually, but that won't be until I get better, medically.

Thank you again for your answer.  Most appreciated.


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On Tuesday 07 March 2017 at 00:05:03, Paul Scott wrote:

> I was wondering what the best and accepted method of restarting 
> mailscanner and sendmail are?

How do you start them to begin with?

Are you using standard init, or are you using systemd?

What are your startup scripts (one for both MailScanner and Sendmail, or two separate scripts)?

> Whenever I start mailscanner by itself, or sendmail by itself, the 
> scanning system goes haywire,

Please define "haywire".

> and I have to restart the system in order to get everything working again.

What do you see when you restart the system - does MailScanner start first, or does Sendmail start first?


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