Mailscanner, forwarding and SPF - the answer is SRS

Daniel Brunt daniel at
Thu Mar 2 22:34:14 UTC 2017

Hi Don,

I found an answer to the SPF issue on forwarded emails - SRS.  I found the setting at Barracuda in advanced settings.  This rewrites the sender envelope info such that the next hop will accept it as it appears to be (in my case) from and GoDaddy is now happy.  (envelope-sender <srs0=by7r=2l=<my_domain>.ca=daniel at>)
Now what you need is a way to implement SRS in EFA.  Note: PostSRSd is not currently part of EFA - that's not to say it cannot be added!  See

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Also see

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> Hi Don,
> My g/f had similar issue using GoDaddy for her e-mail.  I was filtering her e-mail via Barracuda (formerly MailFoundry).  I was asked to troubleshoot NDRs.  
> Turns out, GoDaddy had implemented SPF checking and was rejecting emails forwarded from Barracuda where the domain had a SPF record.
> No way around this since GoDaddy was unwilling to whitelist Barracuda mail servers from the SPF check; and their whitelisting mechanism is post-SPF check.  
> I had to turn off the Barracuda email filtering for her.  She was not happy.  She started receiving a *lot* more SPAM as a result.

> -Daniel

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