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Perfect!  There is a lot of “real” mail that puts names in the subjects (mostly newsletters and such), but I’ve seen a lot of names in parentheses lately, and I don’t think they are EVER real.  I’ll play with scoring to see what works best.  

Thanks so much!

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On January 6, 2017 at 10:50:22 AM, Mark Sapiro (mark at wrote:

On 01/06/2017 07:50 AM, Danita Zanre wrote:  
> header NAME_IN_SUBJECT Subject =~ /\(danita|james|joe\)/  
> I specifically only want the rule to act on those with the parentheses  
> in the subject - I don’t think my rule is working.  

Your regex probably should be /\((danita|james|joe)\)/i to match either  
'danita' or 'james' or 'joe' inside parens, case insensitively. What you  
have will match '(danita' or 'james' or 'joe)' case sensitively. I.e.,  
danita needs the open paren but not a close, joe needs the closing paren  
but not the open and james needs no parens.  

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