Not sure Bayes is actually doing anything

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What are the settings for “Spam Header” and “Spam Score Header” in MailScanner.conf?  They, along with several other settigns allow you to add the spamassassin score information to the headers.  You’ll need to look at the message header in whatever you use for a mail client though.  IIRC, the messages stored in the quarantine directory(s) are saved in the same form as they can in as; i.e., they don’t contain the spamassassin stuff.  But the message in our inbox will, so it’s easy to check it there.

I use MailWatch for MailScanner which is a nice web front end for examining messages – it displays the works, including the spam scores and such…

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While it “seems” to me that bases is being called by SA, I’ve not seen one message have a Bayes score.  I feel like I’m missing something basic here.  How can I confirm that the bayes database is actually being used?  I thought I might be able to search in the spam quarantine, but it looks to me like the headers are not actually changed in those messages to show what the spam score was.  I searched through the config file, but I don’t see any obvious way to ask for that information in the quarantine.

Anyway, I’m stumped!


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