File(name|type) rules - was hijacked: "Allow Script Tags" affects attachments?

Mark Sapiro mark at
Mon Feb 6 21:05:58 UTC 2017

On 02/06/2017 12:20 PM, Paul Scott wrote:
> Hello Mark, and thank you so much for your quick reply!
> As you'll see in the return message above, it is confusing, because there are two different issues being reported.  
> One of the issues is as follows:
> The original e-mail attachment "the entire message"
> was believed to be dangerous and/or infected by a virus and has been
> replaced by this warning message.
> The OTHER issue is as follows:
> At Mon Jan  9 14:51:21 2017 the scanner said:
>    Too many attachments in message
> So, which is the true issue, and how to get this fixed, is the question.  Thank you very much!

Normally they would both be correct. MailScanner reporting that the
configured virus scanner reported a problem and the virus scanner
reporting the problem as "Too many attachments in message"

There is a thread on this (involving you and me) in the archives
starting at
Much of it is noise, but my reply at
indicates that this situation is triggered by MailScanner's Maximum
Attachments Per Message setting being exceeded.

I haven't looked at this further since last November, but if that
doesn't seem to be the issue, let me know and I'll check further.

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