change %org-name% in multiple values?

Walt Thiessen walt at
Mon Sep 12 19:38:45 UTC 2016

I'm just now updating to version 5.0.3-7, and I noticed in your Read Me 
file in /usr/mailscanner/etc/conf.d that, "If you change the value of a 
%variable% then you must redefine all the settings that use that 
%variable% here, as the %variable% substitutions are done when the files 
are initially read, not later when settings are looked up when 
MailScanner is processing messages."

I count 16 instances where  %org-name% is used in MailScanner.conf. Does 
this mean that I have to substitute the value for %org-name% for all 16 
entries in order to change the %org-name%?

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On 9/10/2016 12:30 PM, Tracy Greggs wrote:
> I'm sure there is some logical reason for this change, but I preferred the
> previous behavior as well.
> In the end, not a big deal either way.
> Tracy
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> On 09/10/2016 07:29 AM, Thom van der Boon wrote:
>> After upgrading when you start MailScanner the postfix MTA (both
>> incoming and outgoing) is not started by MailScanner. Tested it with
>> the sendmail and sendmail does not start as well.
> This is intentional. With MailScanner v5 it is expected that the MTA (MTAs
> in the sendmail case) will be started and stopped independently of
> MailScanner.

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