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Lately we have been getting hit with a ton of spam loaded with JavaScript files to the tune of about 4-6 gb per day.  These files have been filling up our quarantine directory and have caused our MailScanner boxes to stop processing email.  I have cleared out the quarantine directories and have set “Quarantine Infections = no” to prevent these files from crashing the system.

We also have a large number of false-positive items that we have to retrieve out of the quarantine on a weekly basis so keeping the “Quarantine Infections = no” in place for the long-term is not an option.

Is there a way to set this the “Quarantine Infections” option back to ”no” but still delete/refuse all emails containing JavaScript files?


Bryan S. Laurila
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Dickinson County Healthcare System

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I sometimes get this problem. I created a script to just search for horrible files and delete them from the quarantine. You might just want to recursively grep through your quarantine directory for js files or anything you just don’t want, then remove them.
Something like –

cd /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine &&
grep -r VOICE * | cut -d "/" -f1,2 | grep -v Binary | sort | uniq | while read crap ; do rm -r $crap ; done

Just replace VOICE with your search. I guess there may be better options, but this works fine for me.

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