Mail server migration and HOLDing mail at Mailscanner

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I think I’d probably just change the IP address of the server you’re upgrading.  Your MailScanner box will hold the mail until it can connect again or send an NDR after four days of trying (IIRC).  When you’re upgraded, just switch the IP address back and run mailq on the MailScanner box…

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Thanks for the replies, the problem with shutting down all mail is that will also stop mail to our dovecot Mail platform, which is not going to be offline for any migration... So 90% of clients will not receive mail so that I can clean up the dbmail server (that has 10% of clients on it).

A fun tip, the dbmail server uses innodb... I have one table which is 650GB.

Its going to take about 2 hours to migrate the DB over to new MySQL server, after which the table is 70GB. I was just concerned about mail bouncing during that time because it could not deliver to the dbmail server. I might check out postfix retry time..

On Tuesday, 8 March 2016, Jerry Benton <jerry.benton at<mailto:jerry.benton at>> wrote:
If you shut down MailScanner and Postfix, obviously no email will be processed. You can also shut down MailScanner and make sure Postfix is started and it will accept the email and hold it in /var/spool/postfix/hold until you start MailScanner again.

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Hi There,

We have Mailscanner/postfix setup on centos and working well. It delivers mail to two seperate mail servers (dovecot and dbmail) depending on the domain (most clients are on our new dovecot platform, a few are on our old dbmail platform).

dovecot is delivered via
dbmail is delivered via a dbmail-lmtp service:

We are about to perform a lengthy migration of the dbmail server, and need to simply stop Mailscanner processing mail for dbmail  until we are back up and running again. Is there anyway todo this, or is this a postfix question?



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