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Thu Jun 9 00:54:16 UTC 2016

I had high hopes for a permission issue but the permissions are set the same as the spam messages which allow me to release.

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Probably a permissions issue.


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On Jun 7, 2016, at 7:07 PM, Gao <gao at<mailto:gao at>> wrote:

On 16-06-07 04:54 PM, Philip Parsons wrote:

I know this is the MailScanner list but I have posted to the mail watch list and there does not seem to be any takers so I am hopping a MailScanner user might have come across this issues as well.

Everything is working 100% except for when you look at the mail watch list page and an email has been marked as a virus you cannot release it, it looks like the path is incorrect but I cannot find where that path is set. Anyone got any ideas.

Techeez on the go so please excuse the spelling.

I just looked my MailWatch and I don't see the release section at all. (Spam mail have a release section on the bottom).

Anyway, you should be able to release quarantined mail in command line, for example:

sendmail -t -i < /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20151217/65F7320B9A615.A8F61/message

I did not test the above command on mail marked as Virus.


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