Mail watch issue

Gao gao at
Wed Jun 8 16:09:25 UTC 2016

On 16-06-07 07:30 PM, Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> Probably a permissions issue.

I doubt it's a permission issue, because there is no error logging in 
the web server log.

I looked the PHP code of the detail.php, line 422:
          foreach ($quarantined as $item) {
             echo " <tr>\n";
             // Don't allow message to be released if it is marked as 
             // Currently this only applies to messages that contain 
             if ($item['dangerous'] !== "Y" || $_SESSION['user_type'] == 
'A') {

So I think it is designed to not allow release a mail if it is marked as 
"dangerous" in MailWatch. I think ALL the virus and SOME of spam are 
labelled as "dangerous".

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