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Thanks for the clarification - that makes sense.

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On 10/21/2015 03:58 PM, Kevin Miller wrote:
> I figured that the forwarding would happen before MailScanner gets involved.  I.e., in their virtuserfile or whatever passes for that if not using sendmail.

I'm not sure about sendmail or other non-Postfix MTAs which is why I said "I don't think so.".

However, for Postfix, MailScanner processes the message before any virtual mappings, aliases, .forwards, etc. are applied. With Postfix, at least with the recommended configuration, the incoming message is immediately placed in the HOLD queue. It is then processed by MailScanner and if it passes MailScanner, it is requeued in Postfix's INCOMING queue and only then is vitrual mapping, aliasing, etc applied.

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