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Not sure what’s going on there, but this should help:




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its a bit OT but I hope its OK anyway. We are also using Mailscanner as outbound scanner and see a problem that I cannot figure out - probably some setting im missing.

sometimes "we" send emails to a domain where the primary MX record does not resolve. I would have expected that sendmail would just try the next but instead it resolves to mxrecord.name.OURDOMAIN.COM (I think) - it seams it appends our domain and then tries this server and this server says "no thanks" so the delivery fails.

I tried to lookup the MX myself using the same nameserver as the mailscanner server is using - this fails so its not the DNS server that appends something to make it resolveable or gives out a standard IP.

I also checked the resolve file to check that there is not search setting that would make it search our domain for a valid IP/lookup.

how can I stop this behavior and make it try the next MX in line?

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