Password protected zips into quarantine by ruleset

Stef Morrell stef at
Fri Jun 13 14:58:31 IST 2014

On 13 June 2014 14:43 Antony Stone wrote:
> On Friday 13 June 2014 at 14:42:45, Stef Morrell wrote:
> > So, if the 3-way choice I would prefer is unavailable, how can I
> quarantine
> > them?
> I think
> August/093051.html contains the clue:
> Add "Zip-Password" to the setting for "Non-Forging Viruses".
> That should apparently then make them get quarantined.

Your google-fu is stronger than mine :)

So, if I'm reading that correctly by having Zip-Password in the Non-Forging Viruses it will change the behaviour of the yes/no ruleset for "Allow Password-Protected Archives" from allow/block to allow/quarantine.

And I could live with that - but would someone be kind enough to check my work? It's Friday afternoon and I have brain strain.

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