storing messages - recap...

Alessandro Dentella sandro at
Mon May 27 19:16:36 IST 2013

While trying to debug why MailScanner does not save messages in
/var/spool/mailScanner/qurantine I compared 2 almost identical machines.
One is working correctly (efa) and from that machine I copied MailScanner
conf to the other (smtp):

  smtp# cd /etc
  smtp# mv MailScanner MailScanner.orig
  smtp# rsync -a efa:/etc/MailScanner .
then restarted MailScanner 

While 'efa' saves correctly messages 'smtp' does not. 
My uderstanding of how MailScanner works is probably wrong since otehrwise
they should both work.

The onlu difference between efa and smtp is in postfix configuration.

My understanding is that postfix puts on HOLD via the header_checks =
regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks (/var/spool/postfix/hold/) and from there
MailScanner read the message, clean and take any needed action.

If this is correct no other agent apart from MailScanner are responsible for
copying from postfix/hold to MAilScanner/quarantine.

So, How could possibily behave different on 2 identical machines?


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