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Michael Grimm trashcan at
Sun Mar 10 20:35:41 GMT 2013

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On 10.03.2013, at 18:58, Joolee <mailscanner at> wrote:

> It seems that you are running postfix configured with the "enable_long_queue_ids" option, see:

Bingo! Yes, I did enable that postfix option because of (

| The benefit of non-repeating names is simpler logfile analysis and easier 
| queue migration (there is no need to run "postsuper" to change queue file 
| names that don't match their message file inode number).

And that helped me numerous times in logfile analysis. Thus, I am very much hesitant to revert that option!

> I think it would be best to make a note of this in the MailScanner Wiki to disable the option.


> Enabling this option causes Postfix not to use unique message ID's

No, if I am not mistaken: they *are* unique!

> which can cause problems when using software like Baruwa or Mailwatch.

I do not use that software. But I would like to stick to "enable_long_queue_ids = yes". Thus, I would rather prefer an option in MailScanner.conf that would deal with this option in postfixÄ instead! (BTW: might help in making that regex more specific.)

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