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Sun Mar 10 23:21:22 GMT 2013

This is just an informational email for the MailScanner community. I have
found that Outlook.com autocorrects email message bodies. Of course they
don't tell you about it. Nor can I find where it can be disabled. So if you
get a complaint about changed email, check to make sure no one in the mix
is using Outlook.com.

Personally, I just damn near tore a server apart thinking it had been
hacked. It wasn't until I went back to Outlook.com and viewed the source of
the message. So, the server wasn't hacked. And the email was not marked as
junk either. Instead, Bill Gates seems to think Border Mail is a better
organizational name for Mailborder. So he changed it for me. He also
doesn't like email links. Instead of breaking them, he just totally deletes
them. He also wants us to speak English like it is our 7th language by all
the changes I witnessed.

I'm ranting ... but beware.

Jerry Benton
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