Clamav Read Errors

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Wed Feb 6 19:19:17 GMT 2013

I posted this question back in November to this list. I was wondering if
anyone may have come across this error as well?

>From what I hashed out in the lab, it revolves around clamd vs clamav. If I
define clamd as the virus scanner in MailScanner.conf, there are situations
(quarantine) where I see read errors. If I change to clamav, no problems.
The service clamd runs as the clamav user, and MailScanner is running as
the user postfix. However, both are in the same group, and the entire
directory and file structure (/var/spool/MsilScanner)  are group writable.

On CentOS v5.8 there are no problems. Ever. Both clamd and clamav work
On CentOS v6.3 this is a problem. clamd for sure. I am still testing the
On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS this is a problem. clamd for sure. clamav works fine.

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