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Wed Feb 6 18:45:52 GMT 2013

*Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Support*
Mailborder v3.3.0 has been released, which includes support for Ubuntu
12.04 LTS. The latest version of MailScanner (4.84.5-3) is included with
Mailborder v3.3.0. This version also includes some added feature requests,
bug fixes, and optimization. Additional feature requests from the community
will be included in the next minor release. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is supported
for both master and child servers. If you already have a cluster installed,
v3.3.0 is compatible with a v3.2.x cluster.

The upgrade for v3.2.x installations of Mailborder will be released within
the next week. You will be able to upgrade to Mailborder v3.3.0 without
upgrading the server OS. (Only Red Hat / CentOS v5.8 is supported in v3.2.x)

*Red Hat / CentOS v5.8*
The install scripts for Mailborder v3.3.0 for Red Hat / CentOS v5.8  will
be released within the next week.

*Upcoming Support*
- Debian 6 support is near completion
- RedHat / CentOS 6.3 support is in testing
- openSUSE is on the drawing board

Licensing is free. There will always be a free version.


See the Install menu option. I have added a short Architecture Overview
article under the Install menu.

*General Use*
Even if you don't want to use Mailborder, the install scripts can be freely
used to quickly deploy MailScanner. Just edit the scripts and remove the
Mailborder specific items.

Jerry Benton
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