mailscanner loop when notify

GiNo PaoLo paolg16 at
Thu Nov 8 21:29:21 GMT 2012

Hi everyone,
I have installed mailscanner-4.84.5-2 from tarball and i have a problem
when "high scoring spam actions = notify store", spamassassin check and
detect like high spam, then spam action said: "message actions are store,
notify " then "notify user1 at
<>", but
never pass to postfix to send
mail with notification to the user, just the proccess there end.
that i'snt all, because postfix found this message and pickup again the
message with another ID and pass to the mailscanner, and mailscanner again
analyze and repeat the procces of spam actions again.
this loop follow to i remove the queue of postfix incoming.

score spam= 3
score high spam= 5

postfix 2.7.1-1+squeeze1
spamassassin 3.3.1 installed from install_Clam-SA-latest.tar.gz from

i hope your help.


GiNo PaoLo
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