Where is Julian?

Jules Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 1 20:19:45 GMT 2012


Sorry about this. My time and energy is limited, and my day job workload 
has increased a lot partly due to the University laying off staff but 
increasing the amount they expect us all to do. I just don't have the 
time and energy I did. I haven't even had an inflation-matching pay rise 
in 3 years. So every day I do more for less.
And I have other projects to work on too.

MailScanner is now on Github. If someone can tell me how to make it not 
read-only, that's the next step. I've never used Git or Github before, 
so don't know what its project management abilities are like.


On 01/02/2012 15:22, John Wilcock wrote:
> Le 01/02/2012 14:54, Jeremy McSpadden a écrit :
>> The room for concern is no one other than Julian has access to patch.
>> There aren't other devs on this project. Sure someone could submit
>> the patch, but looking at the lack of responses from Julian, it could
>> take months to have the patches applied.
> What about FSL? I would have assumed that Julian has given them full 
> access to all the resources needed, and indeed I'd hope that they 
> already have solutions to some of the issues as part of their paid 
> support. Anyone from FSL care to comment?
> Or is anyone here in direct contact with Julian and could bring this 
> thread to his attention?
> John.
> Jules
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