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Jeff Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Fri Dec 21 15:52:13 GMT 2012


Since you use sendmail, have I got just the perl scripts for you.  See attached.

If you want to see how this script performs in the real world, send
email to "tjchrist at colby.edu",
a person who has left and has a redirect set via redirectstaff.pl.

For redirect+forwarding, see the redirectstu.pl script.  However, you
**really** don't want to do this.
Set a redirect and that is it.  Forwarding will bite you (or him) at some point.

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On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com> wrote:
> I've been asked to do  a dual task for one of our users. The user is
> retiring and wants all of his email forwarded to another user. He also
> wants a message returned to the sender indicating that he is retiring
> and that from here on, all email should be addressed to the user his
> email is being forwarded to.
> I use sendmail, so the forwarding would normally be done in the alias
> file. I don't like to do out-of-office requests, but this seems like a
> way to handle the message he wants returned to the sender. I'm not sure
> both would work at the same time anyway.
> I use  the user's .procmailrc to handle the OOO stuff.
> Can anyone suggest a better way to do this or an opinion on how I'm
> thinking of doing this please?
> I'd rather the retiring user to have handled the sender's notices before
> leaving but that's not going to happen.
> Thanks for any input.
> steve campbell
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