Problem Messages stripping some emails of jpg

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Fri Dec 14 13:53:03 GMT 2012

and you've used grep in the rules directory and against mailscanner.conf to
look for b at

anything else in the full headers on arrival that indicates a differetn

Martin Hepworth, CISSP
Oxford, UK

On 14 December 2012 09:26, Howard Robinson <nosnibordrawoh at>wrote:

>  All
> I've been asked to allow through html email to a particular domain and
> from a particular server, via mailScanner.
> To test this I have an account off site at live at edu
> All email goes via Mailscanner then on to a MS Exchange DAG at work.
> On the Mailscanner running Centos there is an aliases file
> For my test account I have two entries both point to the same account on
> exchange
> a:    a at ex.mydomin
> b:    a at ex.mydomain
> I've newaliase'd to make sure that they are correct.
> If I send an html email with image in the body of the email from the off
> site account to a at mydomain it gets through to Exchange intact.
> If I do the same to b at mydomain <b at mydomain> it gets through BUT the
>  image is as an attachment.
> That suggest that the Aliases file is correct and as B at mydomin is
> rejected if it's not in aliases that supports that.
> I have had a look through all the rule and conf files and removed any
> 'To:' references to a at mydomain and b at mydomain <b at mydomain> restarted
> MailScanner several times and it consitantly does the above.
> When I look at /var/log/maillog every time I send a test message to
> b at mydomain it has the line 'Contents Checks: Detected and will convert
> HTML message to Plain text in 'messagenumber'.'
> If I send the message to a at mydomain that line is not present. Something
> is telling MailScanner to ignore a at mydomain but not B at mydomain
> This suggests to me that one of the rule files for html should have a line
> either allowing a at mydomain or disallowing b at mydomain.
> I have been through every rule and removed any reference to either address.
> I have been through every .conf. the rules are where they should be and
> Mailscanner is set to look in the right directory.
> Is there any other rule that might be kicking in?
> Is it likely that because things like address books for our exchange are
> visable at our live at edu domain that email a at mydomain is being treated
> differently by Mailscanner?
> I've shut down and restarted the MailScanner server but still the same.
> I suspect I'm missing something blatantly obvious but I've gome around in
> circle for the last day and need to sort this.
> Any ideas out there.
> Thanks
> Howard
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