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Howard Robinson nosnibordrawoh at
Fri Dec 14 09:26:58 GMT 2012

I've been asked to allow through html email to a particular domain and from a particular server, via mailScanner.

To test this I have an account off site at live at edu
All email goes via Mailscanner then on to a MS Exchange DAG at work.

On the Mailscanner running Centos there is an aliases file
For my test account I have two entries both point to the same account on exchange
a:    a at ex.mydomin
b:    a at ex.mydomain
I've newaliase'd to make sure that they are correct.
If I send an html email with image in the body of the email from the off site account to a at mydomain it gets through to Exchange intact. 
If I do the same to b at mydomain it gets through BUT the  image is as an attachment.
That suggest that the Aliases file is correct and as B at mydomin is rejected if it's not in aliases that supports that.
I have had a look through all the rule and conf files and removed any 'To:' references to a at mydomain and b at mydomain restarted MailScanner several times and it consitantly does the above.
When I look at /var/log/maillog every time I send a test message to b at mydomain it has the line 'Contents Checks: Detected and will convert HTML message to Plain text in 'messagenumber'.'
If I send the message to a at mydomain that line is not present. Something is telling MailScanner to ignore a at mydomain but not B at mydomain 
This suggests to me that one of the rule files for html should have a line either allowing a at mydomain or disallowing b at mydomain.
I have been through every rule and removed any reference to either address.
I have been through every .conf. the rules are where they should be and Mailscanner is set to look in the right directory.
Is there any other rule that might be kicking in?
Is it likely that because things like address books for our exchange are visable at our live at edu domain that email a at mydomain is being treated differently by Mailscanner?
I've shut down and restarted the MailScanner server but still the same.
I suspect I'm missing something blatantly obvious but I've gome around in circle for the last day and need to sort this.
Any ideas out there.
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