files in SpamAssassin-Temp

Steve Campbell campbell at
Thu Apr 26 17:03:45 IST 2012

I'm wondering how all of this is supposed to be set up for the Incoming 

I've got MS running as root. I'm using the clamd virus scanner. I don't 
think MailWatch comes into play here. I've got the following set:

Incoming Work User = clamav
Incoming Work Group = clamav
Incoming Work Permissions = 0640

All seems to be working well, with the exception of files in 
/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/SpamAssassin-Temp, where I get a lot of 
files named MailScanner.XXXXXX that never go away. They're all 0 length 
and owned by root.root and permissions 400.

The directory itself, var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/SpamAssassin-Temp, 
is owned by root.clamav, and permission 700.

Is my "Incoming Work User" set improperly, or can anyone think of 
something else I might have misconfigured?


steve campbell

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