byebye MailScanner

C. Jon Larsen jlarsen at
Wed Apr 11 14:07:06 IST 2012

> I find gentoo and slackware far better for any server that doesnt want to inherit a distros hacking mess, but
> you dont see me telling someone to piss off redhat and install slackware or gentoo because "that will fix
> their problem", no...
> It comes down to what distro you know and prefer, but to sit here and tell people to use debian as the cure
> all is one of the stupidest and dumb assed things I've seen here to date, especially when it will yield far
> more questions than is necessary, and mostly all unrelated to mailscanner, and in the end will likely not
> solve the OP's problem, if it does it sure as hell will likely introduce new problems for them.
> If it smells like trolling, it tastes like trolling, then it is trolling.
> Think about it, how about we say install linux to every windows person who has a problem, yes, I'd love too,
> but hardly appropriate in the real world.

Noel, I did not tell anyone to install anything. Calm down. I simply said 
debian has pretty good versions of the packages needed for mailscanner. 
Its worth a look for those that maybe are less than happy. If you are 
happy where you are at, thats great.

And anyone that would claim that installing an OS is going to make 
problems vanish is of course a fool. Go back to my last comment of my 
1st post in this thread and re-read it. There are a lot of things an admin 
needs to have in place to run mailscanner. Putting a cd into a box is the 
least of those skills.

In fact, 1 thing I probably should say just for the record, for anyone 
else reading this :)  Is that the choice of your OS is LESS important for 
a mailscanner installation than whether you are virtualizing it or not.

The first thing I do is virtualize the setup, That way I can snapshot the 
setup and if there is any breakage ... especially when updating to 
a new release ... rollback is easy.

Someone who is afraid to update his Centos mailscanner box b/c of what may 
break would be better off spending time to virtualize it rather than 
switching to any other OS of course.


> BTW, debian lost most of any credibility a couple years ago when they caused the SSL debacle.

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