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Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Wed Apr 11 14:21:29 IST 2012

of course no-ones mentioned the *BSD's which work nicely as well.


lets face it guys ain;t it nice to have a choice!

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

On 11 April 2012 14:07, C. Jon Larsen <jlarsen at> wrote:

>  I find gentoo and slackware far better for any server that doesnt want to
>> inherit a distros hacking mess, but
>> you dont see me telling someone to piss off redhat and install slackware
>> or gentoo because "that will fix
>> their problem", no...
>> It comes down to what distro you know and prefer, but to sit here and
>> tell people to use debian as the cure
>> all is one of the stupidest and dumb assed things I've seen here to date,
>> especially when it will yield far
>> more questions than is necessary, and mostly all unrelated to
>> mailscanner, and in the end will likely not
>> solve the OP's problem, if it does it sure as hell will likely introduce
>> new problems for them.
>> If it smells like trolling, it tastes like trolling, then it is trolling.
>> Think about it, how about we say install linux to every windows person
>> who has a problem, yes, I'd love too,
>> but hardly appropriate in the real world.
> Noel, I did not tell anyone to install anything. Calm down. I simply said
> debian has pretty good versions of the packages needed for mailscanner. Its
> worth a look for those that maybe are less than happy. If you are happy
> where you are at, thats great.
> And anyone that would claim that installing an OS is going to make
> problems vanish is of course a fool. Go back to my last comment of my 1st
> post in this thread and re-read it. There are a lot of things an admin
> needs to have in place to run mailscanner. Putting a cd into a box is the
> least of those skills.
> In fact, 1 thing I probably should say just for the record, for anyone
> else reading this :)  Is that the choice of your OS is LESS important for a
> mailscanner installation than whether you are virtualizing it or not.
> The first thing I do is virtualize the setup, That way I can snapshot the
> setup and if there is any breakage ... especially when updating to a new
> release ... rollback is easy.
> Someone who is afraid to update his Centos mailscanner box b/c of what may
> break would be better off spending time to virtualize it rather than
> switching to any other OS of course.
> -j
>  BTW, debian lost most of any credibility a couple years ago when they
>> caused the SSL debacle.
>>  --
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