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Philip Parsons pparsons at
Wed Apr 11 08:51:42 IST 2012

come on guys this is like trying to discuss Mac or pc. you as the admin choose a distro and you like it and you move forward
I have used MailScanner for 7 or 8. years on different distros and each have there issues. and from all of the different
programs I have installed over the many years is has been the best and Julian needs to be given the kudos for that
  Here I am the guy who swore never Mac and I am writing this email from Belize on my iPad as that was the only 
device  I needed to be able to do my job for multiple clients world wide. 

Thank you
P Parsons

On 2012-04-10, at 10:04 PM, "Noel Butler" <noel.butler at> wrote:

> On Wed, 2012-04-11 at 00:40 -0400, C. Jon Larsen wrote:
>> > What utter bullshit, many well respected distros, Slackware and Gentoo have had problems, I'd hardly say
>> > either of them are poor distros, they just like to work in modern times unless debian and RHEL.
>> > 
>> > /debian trolling material omitted, any enterprise grade distro is perfect for the task - this excludes fedora
>> > and ubuntu which are just glorified desktops of their enterprise grade cousins.
>> Theres a good reason why debian makes a good base for mailscanner. Its not 
>> an accident. The build of perl gave me a less trouble than Redhat over the 
>> course of 2-3 yrs. Redhats not bad, and debians not perfect, but for 
>> mailscanner I would suggest debian. Thats not trolling, its experience.
> 2 -3 years? experience?  come back and give your  " experience " after a decade or so of running multiple server OS's.
> I found debian no better than redhat or suse.
> I find gentoo and slackware far better for any server that doesnt want to inherit a distros hacking mess, but you dont see me telling someone to piss off redhat and install slackware or gentoo because "that will fix their problem", no...
> It comes down to what distro you know and prefer, but to sit here and tell people to use debian as the cure all is one of the stupidest and dumb assed things I've seen here to date, especially when it will yield far more questions than is necessary, and mostly all unrelated to mailscanner, and in the end will likely not solve the OP's problem, if it does it sure as hell will likely introduce new problems for them.
> If it smells like trolling, it tastes like trolling, then it is trolling.
> Think about it, how about we say install linux to every windows person who has a problem, yes, I'd love too, but hardly appropriate in the real world.
> BTW, debian lost most of any credibility a couple years ago when they caused the SSL debacle.
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