Spam Attacks

Alex Broens ms-list at
Thu Sep 15 22:08:55 IST 2011

On 2011-09-15 13:53, Paul Kelly :: Blacknight wrote:
> Yes indeed.
> We'd probably run out of sockets / tcp src ports at the 6000 /
> messages / minute mark so it's not safe to use greet pause type
> solutions.
> I considered it and we use it on low traffic sendmail installs but
> for this I thought the kernel may explode.

Dunno about Sendmail, but Postfix caches the "good guys" in a DB and you 
can use a CIDR file to "whitelist" IP ranges.
It's also very good at closing the bad connections.

My traffic is pretty much like yours at peak times and haven't run into 
any issues.


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