Betr.: RE: Spam Attacks

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Thu Sep 15 13:28:09 IST 2011

What about grey listing ?
We only get about 14K connections a day (as opposed to 20M =p) and about 12K of those get rejected by a greylist which leaves about 50-100 spam e-mails for MS to grab on a daily basis and the rest is like >99% legit e-mail.

I'm not sure how grey listing would hold up with that kind of volume but I'd go for an sql based grey list with a dedicated (my)sql server.

We had a sudden increase about 2 years ago where we went from about 2k e-mails daily (including spam) to ~15K over night that at points made our MS red hot and backlogged like 15 minutes.

To add what everyone else is experiencing, right now I'm seeing a spam spike between 9am and 10am GMT+1/CET, this peaks at around 70-80 per minute and after that it settles at around 5/min again that get rejected.


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