SpamAssassin Installation [How Best/Recommended]

Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Thu Oct 6 12:52:50 IST 2011

depends on your environment (ie will it load RPMs) and whether you want to
do the compile/build or wait for Jules to pop out versions or not..

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

On 5 October 2011 21:30, Mike's List <mikelist at> wrote:

> Hi Group,
> I finished reading mailscanner-manual-version-1.**0.1.pdf (dated 2004).
> In the manual, installation of SpamAssassin is via tar, make, etc.
> However, you can also install SA in perl-CPAN or that of
> script/package downloaded from (not attractive due
> to an older version of ClamAV and SA, for SA 3.3.1 vs 3.3.2, not bad).
> My question:
> What is the recommended way of installing SA so that SA can play nice
> with MailScanner and all its configurations tie together, etc.?
> Follow-up: If I installed using the SA/ClamAV package from MailScanner,
> can I installed ClamAV via rpm then run the script to install SA only?
> (install script complaint that the version of ClamAV is about to be
> deprecated.)
> All inputs are welcome.  Thank you.
> Mike
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