Betr.: Re: Taint problems

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Fri May 13 19:41:32 IST 2011

Arjan Melein wrote:
>>>>> Martin Hepworth  13-05-11 16:52 >>>
>> lets see how many replies this gets you when the message is that
>> using Fedora as a server is a bad idea :-)
>> --
>> Martin Hepworth
>> Oxford, UK
> What, never felt like living on the edge ? :-)
> In all honesty, yes running bleeding edge as a *production* server is
> a bad idea. 
> But in fedora 15's defense, this scheduler update in the 2.6.38
> kernel is very nice(which is why I'm trying this). 
> Stable distro's are too slow with new versions / features and
> bleeding edge is too fast, so where does that leave you. 
> But this wasn't about if it was smart to use Fedora as a server, this
> was about 'hey look I get errors with these version modules that
> people might start using in the future' It's better to look at it
> before people start getting into trouble with their production
> servers so it does not have to go on the high priority list :-)   
> Have a good weekend everyone.

A quick look through the Mailscanner items listed in the log output looks
like each line is involved with a filename that has not been untainted so I
would assume it's cause is the increased taint security in the 5.10+ perl
version and will need to be dealt with sooner or later anyway.

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