Betr.: Re: Taint problems

Arjan Melein amelein at
Fri May 13 18:25:57 IST 2011

>>>> Martin Hepworth  13-05-11 16:52 >>>
>lets see how many replies this gets you when the message is that using
>Fedora as a server is a bad idea :-)
>Martin Hepworth
>Oxford, UK

What, never felt like living on the edge ? :-)
In all honesty, yes running bleeding edge as a *production* server is a bad idea.
But in fedora 15's defense, this scheduler update in the 2.6.38 kernel is very nice(which is why I'm trying this).
Stable distro's are too slow with new versions / features and bleeding edge is too fast, so where does that leave you.
But this wasn't about if it was smart to use Fedora as a server, this was about 'hey look I get errors with these version modules that people might start using in the future'
It's better to look at it before people start getting into trouble with their production servers so it does not have to go on the high priority list :-)

Have a good weekend everyone.


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