Source IP Address Ruleset / Allowing Mail From Specific Source Only

Cameron B. Prince cplists at
Tue Mar 1 20:06:12 GMT 2011

>> Sounds like a job for SpamAssassin! (something like the below)
>> header __TO To =~ /^address at domain$/
>> header __FROM Received =~ /\[\]/
>> meta RULE (__TO - __FROM)>= 1
>> score RULE 10
>> describe RULE Mail coming from wrong IP
> Don't use the data in the headers! That is totally irrelevant to the
> destination and sender of the mail. Only ever use the recipient stated
> in the envelope, never use the headers.

Hi Julian,

Does this mean that you agree that SpamAssassin is a valid way to provide
the functionality I need, only that the example given was problematic?

I did some searching for information about using SpamAssassin to test
against the envelope. What I found indicates that the envelope data isn't
available to SpamAssassin.

Can you confirm that this is incorrect?


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